Friday, April 1, 2011

Breaking News!

Just had to post the picture of all my goodies!

This was a GREAT garage sale!
I love to go to sales where the owner is elderly.
{that didn't exactly sound right}
They have the best stuff, I don't need baby clothes or ugly home decor. 
I'm looking for the unusual and vintage stuff
 and old people have that.

What great finds,

two sweet vintage keys,

Three vintage funnels,

a vintage measuring cup,

Old pizza pan,
{this is very nostalgic for me, my mom had one just like it}

assorted old cookie cutters,

two large jars of vintage buttons,

and a child's Christmas cookbook full of great illustrations.

All of this for $3,
you heard me right, just $3.

Thanks again for stopping by.


  1. WOW Babette! Great finds. I know what you mean about stopping at mature folks yard sales!! I can't wait for the weather here in VA to get nice so I can go yardsaling.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Wow what great finds at an even better price. You just can help it old people ( lol) have the best junk , they have more of it too! Enjoy your treasures and your day .
    lil raggedy angie

  3. Thanks girls for your comments, but I'm mature these people are just OLD!

  4. Beautiful stuff! ...and btw...i have 4 out of 5 of those old cookie cutters myself!!!!!


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