Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm Draggin'

Here it is Tuesday already, where did the weekend go?

It seems like I just posted that we were going to
start painting the studio and the holiday just flew by!

Well we did it!

The outside painting is finished and I love how it turned out.
{Don't want to give away too much, just wait for the big reveal}

We whipped right through the prepping and painting on Saturday and then
decided to get started on the inside. {to make up for falling behind}
I had planned to just empty the studio of all the stuff we had in there.

These are the things to work on for the show

Now if this doen't look like something off
the show "Hoarders" I don't know what does.

Mr. MySpareTime was moving electrical lines and taking down lights.
That didn't take too long so we pulled up the floor and
cleaned it {this was an unexpected project}

Before we could move any further we really needed to pull all
our set up stuff in and see where we wanted it to go, then
Mr. MySpareTime could move electrical outlets or add a few
and see where the new lights were going to go.

We have a few minor things to do in here before the painting
begins.  We have decided to rent a spray painter, 
{never use one before} so this will be exciting in a
train wreck sort of way!

Our goal is to have this project finished by next Sunday.
Stop by next week and see how it turns out!

Thanks for stopping by.

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