Friday, June 22, 2012

The Spark

Last time I posted I shared with you my sister's
new office and sewing room.  I got to thinking about
the room and how nice it looked and where my sister
got her inspiration for that room.

The fabric for the drapes!

She had seen this fabric months ago and had wished
she had a place for it.  When she decided to remake her
guest room into her work area she knew if the store still had
this fabric it was going to be in the space. 

She looked and looked and finally found the fabric and
bought the last yardage they had on the bolt.  It MAKES the room!

That is creativity at it's finest!  Seeing something and knowing
you can make it into something wonderful.  The pattern is cheerful yet
sophisticated and oh so 60's and reminds us both of our mother.

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes and it really amazes me
how many people say "I couldn't do that, I'm not creative."
That is a pile of you know what!
Everyone is creative in some way, I will agree some more than others,
but sometimes you just need to let it out to run wild!

Now speaking of wild, the gals at my favorite junkin' spot in
Tulsa, River City, will be featured on HGTV August 4th.

You need to tune in to see this wonderful place.
I got quite a few goodies there this last trip and
I will share those with you next week.
This place always has something new and wonderful!

Now on a random note, I had to share with you this dog

I took the picture in a parking lot where a dog groomer was and
this poodle was dyed BLUE!  What a crazy thing to see.
Now that is creativity!

Thanks for stopping by.

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