Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What a Creative Visit!

Sorry, I missed posting on Friday but I was up to my eyeballs
in creativity at my sister's house!

As I said in my last post, Mr. MySpareTime and I were headed to
my sister's house in Oklahoma for a sewing room makeover
and a 1st Birthday Party for my Great-nephew, Finn.

Here is the birthday boy.

We arrived a little late{OK, a lot late} due to a freak storm that
swept through our neighborhood the afternoon before we were
suppose to leave. We lost all electricity for 27 hours and boy did
this throw a monkey wrench into the plans.  But, we arrived on
Wednesday and hit the ground running on Thursday on the
dream quilting/sewing/crafting room my sister was hoping for.

I won't bore you with the details but her vision turned out
stinkin' BEAUTIFUL.  Now my sister and I have very different
taste in furnishings, but boy was this room a knock-out!

We painted and assembled and re-arranged things until we
got the room she had been wanting.  Take a look.

The beautiful fabric was her inspiration!  This very clean, modern
color palete of grey, bright yellow and white, with just a pop of
black for accent is gorgeous.  She had this in her head and
between the three of us we brought it all together. 
{These pictures were taken Sunday morning before we left and
the drop dead gorgeous roman shade was not ready to hang and
neither were the paper poofs that we had made, Oh for the need of
a thumb tack.}

We went junkin' on Friday {rain day} and found the last few things
she needed for the room { more about this on Friday}
and it is a MOD, HIP room right out of "Mad Men". 
Dan Draper would be very comfortable here!

We returned on Sunday and boy what a feeling of accomplishment.
When you get in the zone and all your creative juices are pumping
there is nothing better and to share it with my sister was great!
I know she is thrilled with the room and will spend many
hours there filling her new shop!

Talk to you on Friday and thanks for stopping by!

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