Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting Ready For A New Year!

2013 has started off with a bang! 
I am already thinking about new things to come
and new projects to get started on.
Our little getaway has proven to be a great
thing for my creativity and I am ready to get things going.
We have been watching our favorite estate sale site
and found one right around the corner from our
sub-division.  We headed over there this weekend
and came away with nothing! Zero! Nada!

I am a real cheapskate!  I refuse to pay retail for
used items.  It's not like they cleaned and repaired
the stuff, they just took it out of the cabinet and put
a price on it.  This company didn't even price stuff, you
had to ask the price by getting in a line that was
crazy long.  Some things were reasonable, but others were
over the top. So, no pictures to share from that sale.

I do have a few photos from an estate sale we hit in late December.
The gal who runs these sales, Jennifer, is a hoot and
always has great prices and a well run sale.

Pay no attention to the cabbage roses, this sweet
little lamp will be so cute.

I just loved this vintage lunch box with a rope handle

How about some baseball bat blanks!

And a sweet vintage typewriter.
Wait till you see what I have in store for this baby!

But the real news in 2013 is that I became a Great-Aunt again!
Welcome, Riggs Daniel.

He gave us a real scare. His mom, Aubrie, had such high blood pressure
that we were all worried about her and he was an emergency delivery
on January 11th. Over 8 pounds, healthy and beautiful, but being
monitored because of everything that happened.

We will be headed to Tulsa in a few weeks to meet this little man
and I know I will find plenty to work on from all my
regular haunts in Tulsa.

Thanks for stopping by.
the delivery.

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