Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Say Goodbye to Winter

You know, most years I am ready for
the long stretch of days from New Year's
to Easter, but this year I am ready for Spring!
I don't know if it is because of all the things
I have going or because winter here has been
a miserable flop!  No real cold weather to speak of
and now I find out that Easter is coming early this year.
I put up all kinds of cute primitive snowmen to
help fill the after Christmas decorating withdrawls,


 but this year I am ready to break out the bunnies and eggs.

I have been busy trying to get everything done on my
"honey-do" list before we start on any new craft projects.
The one thing I am doing is taking time to work on
my business through Pinterest.  Kraft Outlet now has a
Pinterest account and I have been very busy pinning things
from my site and projects using our products.
It sure is a lot more fun pinning what you like and think is cool.
Pinning for a business is a lot of work! Who knew?
So follow me on Pinterest and if I can get this project off
the ground I might do My Spare Time Designs!

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