Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Happens When You Are Making Plans!

Boy that saying is really true.
Just when you think you have everything
set for a very productive weekend, stuff gets in
the way.  And by stuff, I mean kids!
You know, I thought when our boys grew up
Mr. MySpareTime and I would have a lot more
free time to do the things we wanted and needed
to do.  But boy was I wrong!  It seems like we have
so much more stuff to do and now we have to
plan around them.  I long for the good ole days when
we could tell them what to do and they did it {well most of the time}.
Now we have to ASK them if they want to come to dinner and
ASK them if they will spend holidays with us.  I liked it better
when I just TOLD them what was happening.  The fact
that they are ADULTS now only runs one way. 
They still expect us to be PARENTS.
{Not ADULTS like them, but PARENTS, that have nothing
better to do than drop everything and help them!}
So this very productive weekend plans went kaputz!
I had about 4 projects for us to tackle and we managed
to get one finished. The truth is Mr. MySpareTime finished
it while I cooked and watched a baby.
Now I never complain when we get to spend time with
our grandson.
So I must apologize for this post with almost no pictures and
me ranting about my lack of maternal instinct.  But I am headed
to Tulsa and know that I will find many treasures for the craft show.
Thanks for stopping by.

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