Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finally! Something New!

We just returned from a great trip to Tulsa
and all our old Honey Holes.
{now you are familiar with this term if
you watch American Pickers on the History Channel}
There are three places in Tulsa that I love!
River City Trading Post is the BEST! 
If you ever get to Jenks, OK you have to stop by and
visit this fantastic place full of stuff!
The second best place is in Broken Arrow and it is
called My Papa's Barn.  More "antiquie" stuff and
less diamonds in the rough.  Good prices and large selection.
This time we went on a Sunday and two gals were
running the show and they were a pain.  I hate it when
booths don't have prices and you have to keep going and asking
for a price and it seems like they make it up on the spot.
Usually this means a super high number and that they really didn't
want to sell it.  They told my niece that a cookie jar she was asking
about was slightly damaged and that they were going to take it
home and fix it and then the price would be $250!
Get real, $250 for a DAMAGED cookie jar!
Also, shopping alert- these two gals were very pushy!
The last place I never can remember the name,but we call it Main Street.
The people are a little weird and it is half antique stuff and half comic
book/record store. {Odd mix, I know}
The best part of our Tulsa trip was meeting our new
 Grand-nephew Riggs
and visiting with his brother Finn, who had found something
he wanted at one of our many junkin stops!
The worst was finding out that two of our favorite vendors at
these local haunts had pulled out and no one knew where they
had moved to.  So my favorite Primitive crafters in Broken Arrow
are gone! What a Bummer.
But as you can see by the pictures we found a few goodies and
will be working on them in the future.
I feel a Canton trip coming on, so keep checking back.
Thanks for stopping by.

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