Tuesday, February 19, 2013


What is it with Spring?
I always feel the need to start new projects
and finish up anything undone!

My mind works overtime on all things around me.

 I look in the yard and see things that
need to be cleaned up from the long {OK, not so long}
Texas winter. I see all kinds of new projects I want to
start inside my house and this doesn't even cover
all the new craft projects I want and need to start.
This last weekend I handed Mr.MySpareTime a list and
we both have been working hard on checking things off
that list.  I confess, I have a hard time concentrating on
crafting when I see so many things I want
to complete at my own house. 
 It is very easy to neglect your own
life when you are run your own business. So I
took a personal pledge that I wouldn't overwhelm myself
with projects.{the jury is still out on that one}
The old saying "how do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time" is my mantra,
so here are a few of my own elephants.
 I have been complaining about my front yard landscaping
for over a year and we almost have it all ready for new plants.


 I never knew we had such large bushes until they pulled
 them out and left a vast wasteland of empty mulched flower beds. 
I have a vague layout for the new landscaping,
 but all I need are a few weak minds and strong backs
 to make this a reality. {this is where my sons come in}

We also replaced the outdoor lantern with this new one.

and turned the old one into a lamp!
 {Great job Mr. MySpareTime!}
I have the spare bath almost completed, I wanted
a vintage gentleman's bath feel. 
We finished the vintage yardstick installation this weekend
as well as cleaning the grout in the floor and hanging a few pictures.


 The border is made of vintage dictionary pages and
I found vintage yardsticks on EBay that say
"Northampton", our subdivision name, SCORE!

Don't you just love old photos? The picture in the top right is
my grandfather and the guy on the far left is my dad.
So my only project left is the daunting task of painting all the
interior doors in the house black.  I will also be paining the
handrail on the stairs and the tops of the newel posts. 
Now this is a project, I have 29 interior doors! It is also
a real task for me to pick just the right paint.  Not too dull and yet
not too shiny.  One that stands up to washing and traffic, yet doesn't
take forever to dry.  I think we have settled on the same paint that I
used in the other spare bath. 

I love the way the vanity turned out.
{maybe I should have made sure the drawers and doors
were shut before I took the picture,Oh well!}

 Thanks for stopping by!

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