Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What a week!

Hi all! I am so excited about all the things I have
gotten finished this last weekend!
Mr. MrSpareTime and I decided that we wanted to
paint all the doors in the house black.  Now this is something I
saw on Pinterest and I loved the way it looked.  The biggest
headache was finding the paint and it took a few tests to find
just the right finish.  But here are the first 4 doors completed!


We added new knobs to the bi-folding doors in
the entry and dining room.  I LOVE how they
turned out!  We are going to take them in chunks so
that we don't get overwhelmed with painting.
We also added a new shelf (as seen on Pinterest)
behind the washer and dryer.
Not a lot of storage, but a lot more style!
Well that shows you what I have been doing with the
majority of my weekend.
The other thing that has been whirling around in my head is the
Houston Chronicle festival insert came out!
{Crafters Bible(spring edition)}
This baby lists every show from now till fall.
You all know I have my own show now and I would
never go back to the craft show drudge, but there is some
kind of addiction that just won't let me stop thinking about all this.
For so many years you planned your whole craft season around
getting accepted into the "right" shows.  You had shows you always did,
but there was always the elusive "great show". 
 You know what I'm talking about, the
show that would end all shows. 
I guess those habits are hard to break.
As you can see, I couldn't stop myself from circling a few shows.  I guess
I will have to just go and shop this coming year.
Now speaking of craft shows, my gal pal Barb has gutted her kitchen and
has graciously given me first pickens in the dump pile!  To a crafter
that is something you cannot pass up.
So drawers, pulls, cabinet doors, wood,
trim and plywood were all brought home for
my stash.  Thanks again, Barb.
I have a list of things to start work on and there is
a big antique show in Huntsville this Saturday so
who knows what I will find.  I will keep you posted.
Thanks for stopping by.

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